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We do FAR more than just cracked screens!

We REPAIR Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Game Stations, Handheld consoles, TV's & the list goes on!

Need professional help with a company that has an established reputation? Our support staff will answer your questions. Call, visit us or mail-in your device!


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Screen replacements, charging ports, home & power buttons, speaker issues & even liquid damage repair.



We Have Over 40 Years Of

We can help you get back up and running!

With over 40 years experience in the board to board interconnect industry, we strive to be your one stop shop for all of your Gadget repair needs!

Liquid damaged device repair

Liquid damaged devices

chargng port repair

Charging port

broken screen repair

Broken screens & glass

speaker and microphone repair

Speaker/Microphone faults

damaged computer, laptop

Physically damaged devices

operating system upgrades

Operating system upgrades

touch screen repair

Touch issues

computer hardware upgrade

Hardware upgrades

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From iPhones to Androids, we can help get you back up and going within 30 minutes.*

* (depends on extent of damage & workload)

We can repair or replace displays, charging ports, keyboards, built in mouse pads, liquid damage on all Macs or PCs.

We custom build PCs to suit your needs. We also offer ram & HD SSD upgrades, windows & macOS updates or fresh installs.

We can repair or replace the screen, battery,  charging port & camera on most tablets. 

Computer repair in Indiana
Cracked phone repair


There's a fix for that!

David A Rhodes

laptop computer repair verified

Smartphone Repair

I stopped in on a Friday @ 5:15 to see about having a battery replaced in my iphone.
They took care of it for $35 while I waited & it is working great.
You can't beat that!
This place is the best!

Smartphone Repair
Smartphone Repair

wilson stemm III

laptop computer repair verified

Smartphone Repair | Cracked Gadgets

Great location for great service! I don’t have to travel to the east end! Knowledgeable staff

Smartphone Repair | Cracked Gadgets
Smartphone Repair | Cracked Gadgets

Steve Parker

laptop computer repair verified

Smartphone Repair | Cracked Gadgets

Speaker very faint. Could have charged me for a new speaker and I'd never have known. All it needed was a cleaning. Good doing business with honest people.

Smartphone Repair | Cracked Gadgets
Smartphone Repair | Cracked Gadgets


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