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Water Damage...put it in a bag of rice?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Does the bag of rice method work for liquid damage?

We are of the opinion that NO, it simply doesn’t. (Yes, we know about opinions) But, you or someone you know tried it before and it worked, right?

Here’s the thing, your phone would have dried out and the results would have been exactly the same if you had just sat it on a counter for the same time period. Why do we say that? 

For water to evaporate, it has to have somewhere to go. Most devices are pretty air tight EXCEPT where the water got in at. Have you ever put a lid on a container, does the liquid evaporate? No, moisture usually collects on the inside of the lid because it has no where to go. Same situation here. 

See the the two iPhone pics. This phone got wet 5 days ago, We just now opened it & as you see, there is water still in the phone, though the customer put it in rice. Why is it still there? It had no where to evaporate. Our recommendation is get your device to us as quickly as possible so we can get it opened & dried out ASAP. What you DON’T want to do, is leave the phone on, or WORSE try to charge a phone that’s had liquid damage, because now you are potentially running current through the water trapped in the phone. Ideally, power it down, don’t charge it & get it to us.

1st pic taken showing water in a phone after 5 days stored in a bag of rice. 2nd pic taken 10 mins later opened on a work bench, notice no water droplets in 10 mins with just air drying compared to 5 days sealed shut.

We still had to disassemble and clean connections & the motherboard, but the faster you can get your device to us, the better chance it has.

This one wouldn’t power on at all after 5 days in a bag of rice. An hour after properly being cleaned and dried out, worked perfectly fine. Now, it’s back up & running! Leave the rice to cooking, save the phone by getting it properly aired out and cleaned. 

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