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tablet repair in indiana


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Repairs & Upgrades

We offer a wide range of repairs & upgrades on phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, desktops, flat panel TV's and you can either bring them in person or mail them in!

repair computer screens
Repair Devices

Broken screens and battery replacements are available at competitive prices

repair laptop tablet touch issues
Touch Issues

Sometimes things break without breaking. Screen not responding to touch? Yeah. We can fix that.

upgrade computer hardware
Upgrade Your Hardware

Why is my computer running slow? We can upgrade a wide variety of components on most brands of computers, including Macs.


Why Use Our Services?

Repairing your device with Cracked Gadgets results in quality service, professional experience and quick support

computer, smartphone and tablet repairs
Quality Services

All of our smartphone and tablet repairs are backed by a 1 year defect warranty.

experienced at repairing electronic devices
Experience & Talent

We have developed & proven our reputation of treating others, like we would want to be treated.

Fix your device quickly
Quick Support

You are only one call away from getting your device fixed!

No fee if we cannot repair laptop, tablet, phone or computer
Save Money

Often times the devices you rely on can be repaired for less than replacement costs!

Mail-In Repair


How it Works

Sometimes you just can't make it in to our store due to time or distance. Please note we DO ACCEPT mail in repairs. Please contact us first so we can work out the details of what you have and what it's doing, so we can put it in our Queue and be ready to receive it!

Email us to get device repair started
Get in Touch

Email us at  or call us at 812-903-0439 to make arrangements. 

Mail Your Device to Us
We repair your computers, laptops, tablets and phones by mail

Send us your device in a box with the discussed details inside.

Repair and return your device
Repair & Return

We will fix your device and call you when the repair is done for payment. Once payment has been received, we will send it back to you.

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