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Terms & Conditions

** PLEASE NOTE** - Per Apple’s Warranty Disclaimer, by having a third party repair your Apple Device, you accept that you MIGHT be voiding your 1-year warranty from APPLE or the 2-year APPLE CARE PLUS warranty, if purchased. By having us repair your device & or signing the repair ticket, YOU authorize Cracked Gadgets to repair your broken item and you also agree with our WARRANTY INFORMATION as outlined below.


I understand & agree that:

1. Cracked Gadgets is not responsible for any data loss, which may occur as a result of work done on my electronic device.


2. The customer has the option to, and am responsible for, backing up the device before allowing any repair to be performed, though data loss is very rare during a repair, customer understands that it can and has happened and therefore customer does not hold Cracked Gadgets responsible.


3. Cracked Gadgets will not intentionally browse through any personal, private or confidential information/data; however, techs may inadvertently see data during the course of their work (pop-up messages, replacing camera, testing functionality etc).


4. Please note that only the iPhone or iPad’s ORIGINAL HOME BUTTON / CAMERA ARRAY ASSEMBLY is capable of using the Touch ID / Face ID functionality.  INSTALLING A NEW HOME BUTTON OR CAMERA ARRAY ASSEMBLY MIGHT RESTORE STANDARD HOME BUTTON / CAMERA FUNCTIONALITY… BUT WILL NOT RESTORE Touch ID / Face ID functionality. Understand that, during any repair, if the cable for the home button or Face ID system is damaged, Cracked Gadgets will be able to restore only limited functionality of the part, and will not be able to restore the use of Touch ID/Face ID. Cracked Gadgets will not be held responsible to restore Touch ID/Face ID.


I understand that the 1- year DEFECT warranty on smartphones & tablets provided by Cracked Gadgets on repairs being made to my electronic device, ONLY RELATE to the item being repaired.  I understand that the 1- year DEFECT warranty offered by Cracked Gadgets for smartphones & tablets covers, the following:

  1. Touch sensitivity (Digitizer failure)

  2. Screen detachment from the frame

  3. LCD picture screen failure – example: dead pixels, lines, no images, etc.

  4. Cracked Gadget’s 1- year DEFECT warranty for smartphones and tablets is based on the original repair, NOT any additional repairs or replacements.

ALL WARRANTIES ARE VOID if anyone other than Cracked Gadgets has worked on the device, or if NEW DAMAGE HAS OCCURRED such as: Liquid Damage, re-cracking or shattering of the replaced screen. Please understand that this would be considered a NEW INCIDENT & WOULD NOT be covered by the warranty of the previous repair.

Cracked Gadgets DOES NOT offer a warranty on any accessories that are sold in our shop.  Many manufacturers offer their own warranty.  This includes: Charging Cords and Plug-in Adapters, iPad/Phone Cases, Android Phone Cases and Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, etc.


All repairs on all other devices like laptops and desktops are covered for 60 days unless otherwise noted due to vender component requirements.

Cracked Gadgets will not warranty any other functionality of a device that can’t be fully tested due to dead battery, non- working display, or that is locked or disabled. If we can’t test all features & functions of said device, we can’t warranty any other functionality other than what we repaired or replaced.

Refunds: Special order parts are non-cancelable, non-returnable outside of warranty repairs



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