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My computer has a virus, can it be repaired?

Let’s just start off by saying that yes, it is possible to remove viruses from your computer.

There are different Computer Repair techniques available for removing viruses and malware from your computer. But, before delving into virus removal solutions, one must verify if the issue is really a virus or common software problems like execution errors and corrupted files. Obvious indicators of a virus are programs taking longer to load, programs running on their own, larger file sizes, or strange graphics appearing on your screen without any action or permission from your end.

Removing viruses from your Mac or PC is usually a fairly simple process if your computer is equipped with a good antivirus software. Modern Software Repair tools and antivirus software can help you remove viruses with just a click. It scans your computer files and looks for any malicious content present in your system files, informs you, and cleans the viruses automatically in the background while you are working.

In very few cases, off-the-shelf security software might not be able to fix the problem if a virus is deeply rooted in the computer files or if it has affected the boot files of your operating system. However, this can also be fixed by recovering your computer to its last known virus-free state by restoring its previous backup or reinstalling the operating system. This may feel like a major hassle as it requires a bit time, but when the process is complete and your PC or Mac computer is back to normal, the time lost will have been worth it.



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